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Review: V-MODA Zn In-ear Headphones

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 29, 2015

In general, I prefer the big, speakerlike sounds of full-size headphones that cover the ears. But when I’m traveling, I usually bring along a pair of in-ear headphones in order to cut down on the bulk. Up until now, I’ve just dealt with the sound quality trade-off for the convenience. However, I think I might have just found a pair of earphones that can nearly keep up with my biggest and best cans.

The V-MODA Zn are the top of the line in-ear headphones from the makers of such excellent headphones as the Crossfade M-100 The Zn headphones are designed to pack audiophile grade sound into a tiny package, and if you ask me, they deliver.


Despite their size, these earphones are a marvel of technology, packing the kind of sound you’d expect from much bigger drivers into something you can fit in your pocket. While they’re not as visually distinctive as V-MODA’s larger headphones, they’re still made from premium materials, with their housings made from shiny zinc alloy. But style is only a small part of why you should buy these headphones. Buy them because they sound phenomenal.


I’m used to wearing a pair of $500 open-back headphones hooked up to an amplifier, but these $180 earphones may have just convinced me that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to sound. From the quietest passages of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony to the ear-busting bass throb of Muse’ Supermassive Black Hole, these headphones simply ROCK. They produce zero perceptible distortion, huge dynamic range, and more volume than you’ll ever need. Bass is punchy, but not overdriven, highs are crisp and compelling without being harsh, and the mids are smooth and natural.

V-MODA says they’ve achieved this incredible performance using a pair of tuned 8mm drivers along with custom-made Italian airflow filters which are said to be available in limited quantities.


In addition to their wondrous sound quality, they offer great comfort and noise isolation, and V-MODA includes a wide variety of ear tips as well as behind-the-ear hooks to ensure they fit every possible ear. They come packed in a handy leatherette case for travel, and also have in-line volume and play/pause controls as well as a microphone for making phone calls.


I highly recommend the V-MODA Zn headphones. You can pick up a pair direct from V-MODA or on Amazon for $180. You won’t regret it. They might just be the last headphones you ever buy.