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Micaton Will Fix your Pathetic and Weak Screwing Game

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Written by Shane McGlaun | December 1, 2015

Guys, your wife or significant other might not tell you this, but your screwing game probably needs some help. Lots of people have performance issues when it comes to screwing – things like difficulty getting into the hole, or maybe you keep sliding the shaft at the wrong angle and hitting the wrong hole. Luckily for you, Micaton Ergonomics has an awesome new product that will up your screwing game to professional levels.


Micaton is a powerful magnetic screw holder that helps ensure you get enough grip on screws when getting them started. You also don’t have to worry about screwdriver slipping off the screw and marring the wood you are working on or slashing your fingers. Its special rubber shield allows for easy countersinking of screws as well.


The magnetic holders are color coded and you can get special hardened bits for Philips, flat blade, Torx, hex, and even oddities like tri-wing screws. They’re designed to work with both manual screwdrivers and drills.

Micaton is raising funds for its screw holders on Kickstarter and has already blown its goal out of the water with 12 days to go. A pledge of $30(USD) or more will get you all the magnetic holders and bits for all your screwing tasks. Trust me, your wife will appreciate your new, more powerful, and accurate screwing game.