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Sleep Anywhere with the Wrap-a-Nap Travel Pillow

 |  |  December 3, 2015

There are all kinds of travel pillows for you to choose from. Some are simple while others are high tech. Let’s face it, you don’t really care how it works as long as it lets you nap efficiently and puts you in some sort of cocoon so you can pretend that other people don’t exist. The Wrap-a-Nap Travel Pillow looks like a good contender.

This nap pillow will let you rest your head against any hard surface, like an airplane window for instance, and since it also wraps around your eyes, it blocks out the light. But that’s not all. It blocks sounds too! It basically gives you the illusion that you are alone in the world. therefore letting you sleep deeply.

It’s a simple way to block your senses from external stimuli. It’s only $20(USD), a bargain to trick your mind into thinking you are alone in a plane full of people.

[via Odditymall via OhGizmo!]