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Work out at Your Desk with the Office Gym

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Written by Conner Flynn | December 13, 2015

The one thing that sucks about having a desk job is that you don’t get to move around as much as other people. This can lead to a loss of muscle and having a spare tire around your mid-section, as well as other things. There must be a way to work at your desk and still work out. There is. The Office Gym.

With the Office Gym, you’ll be able to perform some basic resistance training exercises while at your desk. This will at least keep some of your muscles toned, and your blood flowing. It’s better than doing nothing right? It attaches directly to the back of your chair, and lets you do a variety of exercises.
It won’t replace going to the gym, but at least you are doing something for your body. It will cost you $129(USD).
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