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Cat Paw Scented Hand Cream and Back-of-a-cat-head Perfume

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Written by Conner Flynn | December 16, 2015

Oh Japan. No, you’re not weird at all. You’re just… You just like cats. We get that. You like to smell cats. I’m sure that Cat Paw Scented hand cream, or a Back-Of-A-Cat’s-Head Perfume seems totally normal to you. I say, just get a cat if you like the smell. Just don’t be weird about always holding your animal up to your nose.

These appear to be real products for real cat enthusiasts. The hand cream has been specially formulated to recreate a pleasant version of the scent found in cat paws. Same with the perfume, though it spray for fabric. The hand cream costs around $10(USD), while the perfume is around $23.

Go home Japan, you’re drunk. And take your cat with you.

[via Nopuedocreer via OhGizmo!]