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DIY Burning Lightsaber: Luke Blademaster

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Written by Lambert Varias | December 18, 2015

Last October, Allen Pan aka Sufficiently Advanced wowed us with his electromagnetic Mjölnir. Now he’s celebrating the return of Star Wars to cinemas by making a lightsaber with a fiery blade. It’s actually more of a supercharged lighter with a lightsaber handle, but it still looks really cool.


Put simply, Allen integrated a blowtorch into a toy lightsaber handle that emits the familiar lightsaber ignition sound. The blowtorch uses butane to forcefully eject methanol and acetone through a small heated coil.

Just a heads up – if you choose to watch the video above directly on YouTube, don’t read the comments. There are trolls there who are spamming major spoilers for Star Wars VII on many Star Wars-related videos. I’ve seen the movie – it’s great! – so believe me, skip the comments.

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