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Justice League Paper Clips: Clips of Justice

 |  |  |  |  December 24, 2015

So that weird dude in the cubicle around the corner gave you a Christmas gift and now you feel like a dick because you didn’t get him anything? It’s not too late to remedy that problem. Well, it is too late, it’s Christmas Eve and you are a dick, but you can redeem yourself.


The trick when people you don’t really know give you gifts and you feel obligated to give them something back is to pick the right gift that subtly says “Hey I was obligated,” and not “Hey you’re cool, lets hang out.” I think these Justice League Paper Clips will do the trick. Paper clips don’t imply any sort of affection and they are geeky enough


You can get these at ThinkGeek for $19.99 and there are 40 in the package. You get ten each of The Flash, Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman emblems.

It’s too late to get these by Christmas, so you will need a cover story. Just tell them you ordered a gift, but it was so popular it went on unexpected back-order and will be here next week. If he or she invites you to dinner, you have family in town. I just saved your ass, so I better have some damn paperclips coming my way.