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SWIZA Maverick Drone Transport Backpack: For Frequent Fliers

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Written by Conner Flynn | December 29, 2015

If you don’t want to fly your drone to it’s destination and then meet it there later, you can always just carry it the old fashioned way. But drones can be hard to carry when you have to carry other stuff with you as well. That’s where a backpack built specifically for a drone comes in handy.


The SWIZA Maverick Drone Transport Backpack let’s you carry your quadcopter like you carry your school books. Drones are obviously more fun. This backpack is engineered to protect and transport your drone as easily as you transport the rest of your stuff. Your drone sits right on your backpack.


The $100 backpack features a four strap design that will store most commercially produced four armed drones and some five and six armed drones too. It also has all of the features you want to carry everything else, like plenty of room inside, two side pockets, even a hard, weather-proof shell pocket that can be easily removed to safely store your electronics.

[via The Gadget Flow]