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Custom LEGO Minifigs Get You aHEAD

 |  |  |  January 6, 2016

I’ve seen some crazy LEGO stuff over the years, from artists creating portraits using nothing but bricks, to epic life-size builds. I lack any of the skills needed to make anything resembling a self-portrait in LEGO. If you are the same way, you can still have a LEGO version of yourself – in minifig form.


For about $30, a company on Etsy called Funky 3D Faces will take your likeness from two photos and 3D print it somewhat convincingly into a sandstone material. The head is sized perfectly and has a hole in the bottom to snap onto a minifig.


It takes about five days to make one. I need one of these so I can say that I’ve actually driven a Ferrari, albeit a blocky totally un-Ferrari looking mess I made with random colored bricks. I shall call him Blocky-me.

[via Nerdist]