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Wearable Mega Man Helmet: No F*cks Man

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 7, 2016

There is this dude in my office at the day job who rides a tiny little Vespa-like scooter to work all summer. He’s not a small guy. He looks like a Shriner with gigantism who escaped the parade with his tiny vehicle. He also wears flip-flops, no helmet, and Hawaiian shirts as he cruises down the busiest street in town with his scooter topped out at ten MPH under the speed limit, giving zero f*cks all the way. He’s sort of my hero. He should buy this helmet, it would be awesome.


This Mega Man helmet is big, blue, bulbous, and beautiful. Sure, this is more a cosplay item than a protective helmet for motor vehicles. We all know that if you crash your scooter or bike, the helmet won’t always save you anyway. At least you can look cool if you crash.


The helmet has multiple layers of padding inside to fit a variety of head sizes. You can get yours at ThinkGeek for $159.99(USD). Just be sure to pair it with a really slow scooter an obnoxious Hawaiian shirt.