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Loch Ness Monster Tea Infuser: Take the NessTea Plunge


Written by Conner Flynn | February 2, 2016

This Baby Nessie Tea Infuser from OTOTO will cost you $14(USD). It’s totally worth it, because a trip to Scotland costs much more and there’s no guarantee that you will even see the mother, let alone the baby. Now you are sure to have a sighting in your tea cup.


This belongs in your kitchen along with the Nessie ladle. The tea infuser is the smallest in the Nessie line of kitchen products and it is as adorable as the rest. Now when you have a cup of tea, baby Nessie will be sitting in it with his head sticking up over the side.


You can try to take a picture and get proof of your sighting, but it’s just going to come out blurry. It’s a magical power that it has.

[via Gizmodo via Geekologie]