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Cx5 Sculptable 3D Printing Filament: Man and Machine, Artist Extreme

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Written by Lambert Varias | February 3, 2016

We’ve seen a 3D printer that can print with clay. Adam Beane Industries’ upcoming Cx5 filament on the other hand can behave like clay when heated, allowing you to easily modify or refine a printed object.


Although the company has yet to divulge specifics on its new product, the filament is most likely based on the company’s eponymous sculpting material, which is durable and strong when cool, behaves like clay when heated to 125ºF (~52ºC) and becomes practically a liquid if heated further. Here’s the teaser for the filament:

The obvious use for such a filament is of course to print an object’s rough shape and then fill in the details by hand, but it could also save you a ton of time and headaches if by letting you make up for printing or modeling errors. Keep an eye on Adam Beane Industries’ blog or Facebook page for updates.

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