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Pay-Per-Minute Dog Parking Comes to New York

 |  |  |  |  |  February 4, 2016

You have to walk your dog right? But what do you do when you have to go into the store? Dogs aren’t allowed inside. You can tie your dog up, but that isn’t always safe or convenient. Why not just park your dog like a car?

Dog Parker is a new start-up with five locations in Brooklyn, New York. It’s basically a box that sits outside of stores. If you are a member you can slide your security card to unlock the space.

The dog cubby has a padded floor inside and is temperature controlled. When you return from the store, just slide your security card again and get your dog out.

Dog parking will cost you 20¢ a minute plus a $25 annual fee. You can use a box for a maximum of 3 hours every 12 hour period. If the temperature gets below 32°F or above 85ºF, the Dog Parkers are closed until the weather improves, because they want your dog to be safe. They are also developing a mobile app that will let members reserve a time slot in advance, and monitor their dog remotely.

It’s a great idea for city dwellers, though it looks like it can only hold fairly small dogs at this point.

[via Toxel via Neatorama]