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This Chameleon Robot Blends in With Its Background

 |  |  |  February 15, 2016

Check out this short video from engineers at Wuhan University in China, showing off a special robot they developed. Its unique capability ensures that you can never hide from their robots, while they can hide from you. This robot can blend in with its background. Now they could be anywhere and we will never know. They could be ready to strike you at any moment.

This robot has a pretty neat trick up its sleeve. It uses light sensors to detect the background color, then applies an electric field to plasmonic panels that change to the appropriate color to blend in. So by the time you actually see it and scream, it will already be too late.


Thanks science. Now I can’t trust anything. Stupid robots hiding everywhere. Now someone has to invent glasses that will let us see these robots.

You can read the full paper on how the technology works over at ACSNANO.

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