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The 700 Pickle Whopper is Brine-tastic

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Written by Shane McGlaun | February 25, 2016

I really like pickles. Growing up my friends and I would snack on big bowls of them frequently, and I was even a bit of a pickle making master. My pickle seasoning process involved mostly sprinkling some of everything my dad had in the spice cabinet on the pickles and eating up. But I’ve never eaten a burger with this many pickles on it.


It appears that Burger King in Japan will make you whatever you want if you have the loot in your pocket to pay for it. The dudes from Rocket News 24 spent about $89 on a Double Whopper with over 700 pickle slices crammed on it. That is too many pickles even for a pickle fan like me. Plus it’s a Whopper, which typically means stale bun and meat that was fresh two days ago.


I wouldn’t spend $89 for anything at Burger King this side of that awesome Hershey’s chocolate pie they offer. These same Rocket News guys did order a Whopper with 1050 pieces of bacon before. That I could totally get behind.

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