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This Macbook Selfie Stick Is Tough on the Arms


Written by Conner Flynn | February 28, 2016

Sure you have your selfie stick to capture awesome shots of you and your friends on that roller-coaster. It’s a shame about that guy who lost his eye when you dropped it, but whatever. Well, now the selfie stick has been upgraded so that you can use your Mac to snap those selfies. And have buff arms too.

The MacBook selfie stick is a two-handed selfie stick for lapropos created by artists Moises, John Yuyi and Tom Galle. Sorry selfie lovers, you can’t really buy this device, even though we know you love stupid devices that snap your own pic. This one was created as a social commentary on our “obsession with self and vanity”.

So no, this will never be an Apple supported accessory. If it ever is, that will herald the fall of society and the zombie apocalypse will surely be upon us.

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