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Guy Builds Functional Ice Sword, Chops Stuff

 |  |  |  |  February 29, 2016

Allen Pan is a cool guy. Cool as ice even. Allen recently built a sword not out of steel, but of ice. Surprisingly, it is strong enough to chop through a watermelon and also can decapitate helpless snowmen. I’m surprised they don’t have these swords in Winterfell where the winters are like decades long.

It is impressively strong because Pan made the sword out of Pykrete, a composite material of water ice and a fiber like sawdust. Who knew that combination could be so tough? They actually considered using it during World War II to build warships. This is a much better use. Watch as Pan demonstrates its power.

Pan used toilet paper instead of sawdust for the wood component, but it seems to be just as strong. His mix was 86% water and 14% toilet paper. We all have access to those materials. This sword is nothing to mess with. That watermelon could easily be a human head. This thing is deadly.

[Home Geekonomics via Neatorama]