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SkyWall 100 Lets You Steal Drones While in Flight

 |  |  |  March 8, 2016

Remember the DroneDefender? It is basically a gun that discourages drones from entering your airspace. But maybe you want to actually steal that drone right out of the sky? Maybe sell your stolen drones and create a criminal empire. Sound attractive? The SkyWall 100 can help make that a reality.

The Skywall 100 was developed by British based OpenWorks. It’s basically a shoulder-mounted weapon that looks like a grenade launcher. It isn’t that dangerous though. It uses compressed gas to fire a projectile with a net attached to it that captures the drones, renders them immobile, and sends them falling to the ground.

It deploys the net just as it’s within catching distance of the target. In fact, it will capture unmanned drones from up to 330 feet away. So how does it make sure the drone lands safely? The net has a parachute that opens. The aiming system uses a laser range finder and an inertial measurement unit and the system handles all the calculations electronically. The whole thing weighs 22 pounds. So now you can be a drone repo man if you want.

[via CoolThings]