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Coyote Armored Vest Protects Small Dogs from Attacks

 |  |  |  |  March 11, 2016

Little dogs are vulnerable to all kinds of harmful things, including women who like to put them in bags and carry them around. If you want to let your little dog walk around by himself, he is going to need protection. The creators of the CoyoteVest know first-hand that predators can attack a dog. Their little dog was never seen again. Now they want to help you.

They created this prickly vest that can be worn by dogs up to 20 pounds. It makes your dog look like a porcupine/Punk Rock dog. The neck is studded with twelve 1″ spikes, embedded in a stiff but flexible triple laminated Kevlar collar. The rest of the body has a “stab-resistant layer of Kevlar body armor that can resist sharp canine teeth.” If that isn’t enough, there’s an optional set of quills that you can stick on the back of your dog.


Still not enough? There’s also an optional CoyoteZapper that lets you shock any animal that is biting your pet. Predators will think twice after going after your pooch now. The CoyoteVest costs $109(USD) for the Starter Pack.

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