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Play Fallout 4 as Dogmeat

 |  |  |  |  March 22, 2016

The first of the companions you come across in Fallout 4 is Dogmeat as he haplessly barks at the gas pump right outside Sanctuary. You can befriend him, but honestly he sort of sucks as a companion. In fact, all the companions seem to excel at getting in my way and walking in front of me as I am shooting at bad guys. If you like playing with Dogmeat, you will want this new mod.


The mod is called the “Be the Dog” mod, and with it you actually get to play as Dogmeat. You can even venture over to the gas station and get Dogmeat to be your companion.


Since you are a dog, you can’t use weapons. You can wear dog armor and bite people. “Sic balls DOGMEAT!” isn’t an attack sadly. You can also play as other types of dogs including feral. I want to play as a Deathclaw or Supermutant. If I show this to my dog crazy daughter, she will never let me play again.

[via Kotaku]