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Instant Dry Umbrella: Shake to Dry


Written by Conner Flynn | March 23, 2016

As handy as umbrellas are, they have some drawbacks. After your umbrella has protected you from the elements, you have to put it away somewhere so it can dry. If you put it on your hardwood floor, it leaves a puddle, and if you just toss it on your rug, it might even stain it. And maybe you don’t want to drop it in one of those umbrella buckets. What can you do? Well, the UnNurella Instant Dry Umbrella is the solution.

When using the UnNurella umbrella, all you have to do is shake it once and put it away. That’s it. The canopy is made using a water repellent fabric that ensures it’s completely dry before you put it away. That means that water just beads off of it.

Use it, then shake it off before you go inside. It’s that simple. You can get one from the MoMA store for $48(USD).


[via Cool Things via OhGizmo!]