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DAD-VR is the Coolest Virtual Reality Experience

 |  |  |  |  |  March 28, 2016

A dude from Hong Kong has done something for his daughter that he might regret right about now. Dad of the year Newman Chan put her on her little pink push-bike, put a helmet on her, and proceeded to lift her up. He then played a video on the TV of a pro mountain biker tearing up a thrilling downhill course.


As the bike flew down the trail, he took that little girl on the coolest VR/motion ride she (or anyone) has ever had. I know she loved it. You can also bet she begs dad to do it again constantly. It looks like quite the workout, so maybe this can be Newman’s exercise regimen now.

Check out the video, and if you decide to do this for your littles, just be sure the bike is up to the weight and shaking.

[via Kotaku]