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The Portable Shelter You Can Wear on Your Back

 |  |  March 29, 2016

Want to be a gypsy and just wander from place to place? These days that is easier than ever before thanks to all kinds of cool camping gear and gadgets. But what if you want to travel light? Well, if all you need is shelter, this is all you need to carry with you. You can carry a tent right on your back thanks to industrial design student David Shatz.


This backpack tent is called “Melina”. It lets you carry your portable house right on your back as if you were a hermit crab. When you are ready to sleep just expand the unit and crawl inside to get some Z’s.


It looks pretty cumbersome to carry around, but if this is all you are packing while living a nomadic lifestyle, I guess it isn’t so bad. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there’s any place to carry any other items inside the backpack, so you’ll be sleeping in the same clothes every night.

[via designboom via Neatorama]