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Watch a Vase Get Made from 256 Crayons

 |  |  |  |  |  March 30, 2016

There’s something so cool and soothing about seeing a melted brick of crayons being made into a vase on a lathe. The swirling colors as it turns, combined with the colorful bits of wax flying everywhere is just so cool. It is a great way that adults can still play with crayons. Plus it makes a huge mess, and what adult kid doesn’t love that?

In fact it makes such a mess that you have to cover your floor, yourself, and all of your tools, because if you don’t, everything is going to be covered in colored wax. But you are going to have an awesome and colorful vase afterwards; one that will be waterproof even if it will melt on a super hot day, but who cares?

Check out Peter Brown’s messy and marvelous craft project in the clip below:

I’d like to try this myself one day.

[via Sploid]