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Adam Savage Builds a Car Seat for His Puppies

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Written by Conner Flynn | March 31, 2016

Mythbusters may be over, but Adam Savage never seems to rest. He is always creating new and cool things. His latest project was to build a seat for his dogs that could go in the back of his brand new car and protect the leather interior. The end result is the perfect car seat for dogs. You might want to make one for your own car.

He needed a seat that wouldn’t move around in the car or get pushed out of the way when the dogs moved around. When you think about it, that is a pretty tall order. Dogs are strong and they get excited. He came up with this thick, custom plush pad that covers the entire seat. It is secured with dowels in the space between the seat and the seat back. The dogs can lay down and walk around without ripping up the leather interior now.

And it turns out that it’s pretty easy to make, as long as you have the supplies. This is a pretty cool solution for people with dogs.

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