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Star Wars Black Series Han Solo Action Figure Just Looks Weird

 |  |  |  |  March 31, 2016

I always liked Han Solo; he has been one of my favorite characters in Star Wars since the original trilogy back in the day. I was pretty mad when they (Spoiler Alert) killed Han off in the newest film. I only let it slide because Han was seriously old. I could only think, “man he’s old” each time I saw him on film.

This Force Awakens Han Solo Black Series action figure is kind of weird though. The image on the box looks like Harrison Ford, but the face of the action figure is all wrong if you ask me.


It’s almost like old Harrison Ford played young Han Solo in a cartoon version of The Force Awakens and they made the action figure based on that. Or, maybe this action figure is Han Solo after a round of plastic surgery and botox.


If you absolutely must have this deformed Han Solo for your collection for the sheer novelty, you can order one from Amazon for about $24. Reviewers say the head sculpt actually looks better than it looks, but caveat emptor.