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Fallout 4 The Last Minute Life-size Replica: 50% More Mind Blowing

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  April 1, 2016

Prop shop Show and Tell Props announced itself with a bang, debuting with a beautiful 1:1 scale replica of The Last Minute, the unique gauss rifle from Fallout 4.


In their The RPF thread, Show and Tell Props said the replica is completely hand tooled, with the base parts made out of MDF and oak. It also has electronics to replicate the gun’s nixie tube charge indicator.


One of the replica’s best features is its worn out and rusted finish, which Show and Tell Props achieved with the help of Sculpt Noveau coating and patina.

Fallout 4 “The Last Minute” Finished paint/assembly.

Check out Show and Tell Props’ thread on The RPF for their build log. The shop already sold the replica, but you can get in touch with them for commissions.

[via Reddit]