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Chromecast in a CRT TV: Cast from the Past

 |  |  |  |  |  April 5, 2016

Last month we checked out Dr. Moddnstine’s modern PC in a ’90s tower. It turns out that he found a 1978 General Electric CRT TV in the same heap as the tower, and he couldn’t let that go to waste either. He ended up turning it into a streaming device.


Dr. Moddnstine used a series of adapters to connect the Chromecast’s HDMI input with the TV’s VHF antenna port. To make the TV turn on when he wants to stream, Dr.Moddnstine integrated a switch from a motion-detecting lamp to detect sound from the Chromecast. The tricky part of this build was stuffing all of those electronics inside the already cramped TV.

Here’s a more comprehensive demo video. You can skip to 11:37 for details on the build.

Seeing this little fella’s back makes today’s thin and light TVs even more amazing.

[via Digital Trends]