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Somm Wine Dispenser is a Wino’s Dream

 |  |  |  April 8, 2016

There are wine drinkers and then there are WINE drinkers. The former will have a glass of chardonnay every now and then, while the latter worries that their wine will go bad and wants it chilled and ready for action. Nothing wrong with either type of wine drinker, but if you are the latter, the Somm is for you. Somm is a fancy wine chiller that keeps wine fresh and ready to partake at a moment’s notice.


The Somm has a temperature control to chill each wine just right, and aeration control for red wines. Plus, it automatically adjusts its settings based on the winemaker’s exact temperature and aeration recommendations.


But before you get too excited about putting your ’68 Chateau Lafite in here, the Somm only works with special containers of wine. These giant cans are designed to stay fresh for longer periods than an opened bottle. Each Sylo can holds 2.5 liters of wine, which is about three bottles. Its makers say they already have a number of wines lined up that represent a broad array of tastes.


It also is app-connected, allowing you to check what wine is in it and how much is left, and it learns your palate by seeing what wines you drink and like. The makers of Somm have raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter and you can get a Somm for $199 with shipping projected for this November.