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NexDock Laptop Dock: Atrix Reloaded

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Written by Lambert Varias | April 12, 2016

Last week we checked out Ben Heck’s keyboard and display in a box that he made to test dev kits. I mentioned that it should be a gadget that already exists. It turns out it does, and it’s called the NexDock.


The NexDock is basically the old Motorola Atrix lapdock except you connect devices to it via its mini-HDMI and USB ports, which means it works with a variety of smartphones, single-board computers, PCs-on-a-stick and media streaming devices. Windows 10 phones in particular should work great with the dock, thanks to their Continuum feature. The NexDock has a keyboard, a touchpad and a 10,000mAh battery. Unfortunately, the 14.1″ display is a major letdown because it’s a TN panel with a paltry 1366 x 768 resolution.

That being said, unlike many products on crodwfunding sites, the NexDock appears good to go and is just waiting to be mass produced. Here it is with an Intel Compute Stick…

With an iPhone…

With an Amazon Fire Stick…

…and with a Raspberry Pi.

As you can see, the display isn’t exactly thrilling by today’s standards. If I were you I’d wait for its second generation which I hope has a better display. But if you’re already sold you should pledge at least $119 (USD) on Indiegogo to receive a NexDock as a reward.

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