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Star Trek Retro Play Set Will Beam You Back to the ’70s

 |  |  |  |  April 20, 2016

I was way too young to remember any of the ’70s. I am a ’80s child through and through. I do recall a babysitter having a beat up Star Trek play set in the toy box though. I remember thinking how old fashioned it looked with all the bright pink and green colors. It was one of those weird, yet memorable toys no one played with.

Fans of the original series might want one of these retro recreations of the original Mego Star Trek playset from the ’70s.


It looks just like the one at the babysitters that I remember, and works with 8-inch figures. Those figures aren’t included mind you, but you can find some on eBay if you have the cash.

The play set has a carry handle so you can toteĀ it to your friend’s house to play and has a spinning transporter so you can pretend Spock just beamed away. You get a command chair, two stools, and six view screens.


The play set is available fromĀ ThinkGeek for $59.99(USD). Damn, being retro is expensive.