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PolySmooth PVB and Polysher Isn’t a New Rap Group

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Written by Shane McGlaun | April 26, 2016

If you were a parrot who wanted to get into the rap scene, PolySmooth PVB and the Polysher would be a great name for you and your DJ. This has nothing to do with rap music though, PolySmooth PVB is a new 3D printing filament, and the Polysher is a fancy gizmo that makes the plastic smooth and shiny.


When the PolySmooth PVB filament is done printing from your 3D printer, it will have a matte finish and the lines you get from the layer printing process. You then cram it into the Polysher and this box spins your items around inside a mist of alcohol that comes from a nebulizer. The tiny particles of alcohol sink into the rough, layered surface and polish it to a sheen in a few minutes.


It’s pretty cool and the finished products look like something you would buy in the store instead of the rough objects we’re used to seeing from additive 3D printing.


Both products are on Kickstarter and have destroyed their $100,000 goal with nearly a month to go. The Polysher and a single 750g spool of PolySmooth will set you back $229 with shipping starting this September.