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Guy Builds Mini Jurassic Park For His Tortoise: Turtlesaurus Rex


Written by Conner Flynn | May 3, 2016

This guy really treats his pets right. He recreated Jurassic Park just for his turtle. Check out the main entrance, the visitor center and a damaged fence, all built around a Leopard tortoise named Louie. This fun turtle habitat was lovingly made by his owner, Oliver Turpin.


He did a great job. I would have just bought three more turtles and built a replica of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ sewer home. Maybe throw in a rat so they can have a mentor and learn martial arts. But this is a much better idea.

The tortoise here doesn’t really care. He’s just interested in feeding time. I can’t wait until that turtle starts terrorizing the park visitors.

[via Kotaku]