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KFC Edible Nail Polish Makes Your Fingers Taste Like Chicken

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Written by Shane McGlaun | May 5, 2016

Things get weird in Asia sometimes. If you need any further proof of that fact, consider this new marketing campaign for KFC in Hong Kong. Now the idea of nail polish from a fried chicken restaurant is strange enough – and then you realize the polish is flavored like chicken. I don’t think this is what the Colonel meant when he said “It’s finger lickin’ good.”


Apparently, you can paint your nails with this special polish and the polish tastes like chicken. There are two flavors each with their own color. The bright orange color is Hot & Spicy presumably tasting like spicy chicken. The pale pink shade is supposed to taste like KFC’s Original Recipe fried chicken.


The polish is applied like normal polish and is said to be work just like that bitter nail polish designed to keep people from biting their nails. Just don’t drink too much and pass out near a dog while wearing this polish.

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