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This iRacing Simulator Rig is Epic

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Written by Shane McGlaun | May 9, 2016

I’ve spent plenty of time driving real cars on real tracks, and I can understand why you might want a serious virtual racing rig in your home. Racing real cars is very expensive and subject to the whims of the weather. Virtual racing can go down any time as long as you have power. A dude named Shane Parish is into the iRacing simulator in a big way and has built a virtual racing rig that makes me want to get behind the wheel right now.


The rig is on a platform with checkered flag carpet tiles and has a faux roll cage made out of PVC. That cage provides mounting positions for surround speakers and LED panels which show flag colors. There’s a real Sparco racing seat, a tilt-up racing wheel, three realistic pedals, and a manual shifter.

He has a quartet of Samsung monitors, and a virtual dashboard with Dell 19-inch screens inside for telemetry, along with an analog tachometer and speedometer. He even fitted his racing simulator with a cup holder for his beer. That is one thing you certainly can’t do with a real racecar.

There are enough features in this thing to choke a horse, so watch the video and see what this is all about. Impressive is an understatement.