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Tesla Model S Activated via Amazon Echo: I Need Ya Buddy!

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  May 9, 2016

There are various features of Tesla’s cars that can be activated using mobile apps. If you have a compatible garage door opener, you can even have a Tesla vehicle enter or exit your garage with just a few taps. Jason Goecke claims he’s come up with a way to activate that feature with a voice command, a la Knight Rider.


Jason says he connected his Amazon Echo to his Tesla Model S using the Amazon Alex Skills Kit API, the AWS Lambda cloud service, his Tesla Model S API wrapper, and Tim Dorr’s unofficial Tesla Model S API. That’s a lot of parts, but Jason says his code is just a small piece and the hack is mostly reliant on the cloud services. Unsurprisingly, Jason made “KITT” the keyword to open his garage door and have his car drive out.

I love how the voice-activated car and even the garage door opener are quieter than the flying camera used to film them. Jason says it would be trivial to replicate the mobile apps’ function with voice commands, but he’d rather wait for Tesla to officially support the technology, preferably with an authentication measure in place.

[via Teslarati via Ubergizmo]