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The Burger King Sauna Won’t Flame-Broil Your Whopper

 |  |  |  |  May 31, 2016

When the Burger King in Helsinki, Finland says “Have it Your Way,” they aren’t kidding. Now you can relax and have a steam bath with your Whopper. Yes, this Burger King sauna actually exists.

What’s weird about a couple of near naked guys enjoying a steam bath while eating Whoppers? That’s not strange at all. Just don’t drop drop your fries. Just kidding.

Apparently, you are supposed to enjoy this before you eat. Makes sense I guess. Given what BK does to your body, they should at least help you take some of that weight off. I’m just glad the King isn’t sitting in there staring at you the whole time with his giant head. That would be really weird.


If you happen to be in Helsinki any time soon, you can book an appointment for the Burger King sauna on the Restel website.

[via CNN via Foodiggity]