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These Game of Thrones Inspired Candles Hatch Baby Dragons

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Written by Conner Flynn | May 31, 2016

These awesome candles will make you the Mother or Father of Dragons. Just light them up and wait patiently for your dragon hatchling to arrive. Who knew that getting your own baby dragons was so easy?


Each egg candle gradually melts to reveal a porcelain dragon inside, so you are getting a cool candle that provides light and a toy you get to kerep, all in one. The dragon that you get will be random. It might be red, green or a black dragon. These may be the coolest unofficial Game of Thrones merchandise yet. And you have to admit, they are pretty adorable.


You will definitely want to collect them all and then keep a couple of unlit candles as they are. Light yourself on fire and head over to Firebox to order yours now. They’re £29.99 (~$40 USD) each.


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