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Kids Play Star Wars Music w/ Lightsabers

 |  |  |  |  |  June 1, 2016

This is music school done right. How do you do music school right? Well, the answer is simple. Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars. You have to check out these videos of children from Quebec’s Ecole de l’Harmonie (School of Harmony) and École secondaire de La Seigneurie playing a bunch of Star Wars music on their violins… with lightsaber bows no less. So, does a lightsaber fight break out after the song? Read on and find out.

No, no lightsaber fights break out. I just said that because I’m mean. Anyway, these videos from the Canadian premiere of The Force Awakens last winter are proof that lightsabers can be used for more than just killing other people. This is the true Jedi way. Make music, not war.

The control and discipline they display as they try to not to slice their instruments in half is amazing.

[via Geekologie]