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FoldiMate Family Laundry Robot Folds Clothes for You

 |  |  |  June 8, 2016

Most of my fashion choices revolve around buying things that don’t require ironing. I can’t say that I have ever folded a shirt before, I hang them or cram them in a drawer and then use copious amounts of wrinkle spray and the dryer to get them sort of wrinkle free. If you are the sort that has to fold all your clothing, but don’t like the time you have to spend to do so, the FoldiMate Family might be the ticket.


It’s a robotic laundry machine that is sized roughly like a normal washer and dryer. It’s meant to sit on top of the washer or dryer and you can attach as many as 20 items to the front of it at a time using integrated clips. It will then suck the items in, dewrinkle them, soften them, perfume them, and fold them.


It then spits out neatly folded items on a tray that can hold up to 30 items depending on how thick they are. It will fold shirts, pillowcases, pants and other similarly sized items. The catch is the cost, the machine will sell for around $700 to $850 with the steam module for removing wrinkles adding another $300. Shipments will start in 2018 according to its makers.

[via Gizmag]