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LEGO Kylo Ren Has a Sweet Bedroom

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Written by Shane McGlaun | June 22, 2016

I was watching the odd flick Midnight Special last night with my daughter and she recognized Adam Driver as “That dude from Star Wars.” Shortly after that she also pointed out he was tall, as in the tallest person in the scene with all the military in the room. She says, “He’s the tallest guy in the room. Well that’s embarrassing.” I had no idea how tall Kylo Ren was. After seeing Ren in a different flick last night, I ran across this LEGO version of Kylo Ren hanging out in his room.


I bet this is exactly what his room looks like somewhere deep inside the belly of that massive star destroyer he flies around in. His room is decorated up in Darth Vader stuff, which is to be expected. He would totally have Vader’s melted mask in there too I think. It also looks like he’s go at red Luxo, Jr. hanging out in there, which makes you wonder if a Pixar / Star Wars crossover is in our future.

I keep wondering if no one told Kylo that grandpa realized at the end that the Dark Side was bad.

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