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Andbot Is a Humanoid Robot Butler

 |  |  |  June 23, 2016

AdvancedRobotics is a company that focuses on creating easy-to-use robots designed to aid humans with everyday tasks. Their Andbot robot aims to do everything in your home.

It is outfitted with all kinds of sensors, like motion and sound. It will monitor activities in and around your home and either take action or alert you if something is amiss. They claim that Andbot will help prevent incidents inside the home like a child falling off a balcony and incidents outside your home like a robber trying to break in. It is even said to be able to call the police in the event of a robbery.

It will remind the elderly to take pills, and even bring pills to them. Using a special bracelet, it can also detect when a person falls and it will notify all relatives by text message. Other uses include carrying objects, and gas sensors for detecting fires.

I’m not sure this robot can do everything its makers claim, but I guess we will find out once it gets in homes.

[via Simplebotics]