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Eva Solo Grating Bucket Collects Shredded Food Inside

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Written by Conner Flynn | July 3, 2016

You can buy all kinds of graters, but most of them require you to grate your cheese directly over your meal like some barbarian. The Eva Solo Grating Bucket is a more elegant solution. It collects the shreds inside as you grate, allowing you to dispense them appropriately later.

Cheese, carrots, whatever. The shreds are collected within for easily sprinkling on top of your favorite dishes. Like any grater, this one will shred a variety of foodstuffs, like cheese, chocolate, carrots and even cold butter. No more aiming at your dish from above and making a mess as it all falls down. This is an elegant grater for a more civilized age.

The design could not be simpler. The Eva Solo Grating Bucket is, basically just a stainless steel cup with grating blades on its sides. It measures 8.3 inches tall so it holds enough to be truly useful. It’s available from Amazon for $49.50(USD).

[via Cool Things]