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A Supercharged Roomba Speeds Around a Park

 |  |  |  |  |  July 18, 2016

Roombas are pretty handy little robot vacuum cleaners. Even if they do do their job super slowly. But if you have ever wondered what a Roomba would look like on crack, check out this video. It is the fastest Roomba ever.

This previously broken Roomba vacuum robot was modified by Warusoneko. It goes all crazy fast like a cartoon Roomba, kicking up dust as it speeds around a park. This one apparently had its drivetrain replaced with the kind that is used in remote-controlled cars.

It’s pretty fun watching a Roomba speed along all crazy like this. If all Roombas went this fast, dirt and dust would be a thing of the past.

[via RocketNews24 via Laughing Squid]