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Bratwurst Bot Cooks and Serves Sausage

 |  |  |  July 20, 2016

The robots are starting to take over all of our food related jobs and now it’s a real sausage-fest! Meet BratWurst Bot. This autonomous robot does it all. It takes customer orders, cooks sausages and serves bratwurst without any human help. A robot probably grinds the meat and makes the damn sausage too.

This guy recently showed off it’s wiener cooking skills at the Stallwächter Party, a government event for German State Representatives. BratWurst Bot served over 200 sausages over the course of the evening, independently taking orders from a web front end while using a pair of cameras to identify the encased meats, and some custom management software to cook it all up.

So basically this robot is taking all of the fun out of barbecuing. Great. We should make this robot eat everything it cooks, until it corrodes.

[FZI via Engadget]