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Ori Robotic Furniture Transforms Small Spaces

 |  |  |  |  July 20, 2016

I watch a lot of those tiny house shows with my wife that seem to come on every day on HGTV and other home improvement networks. The idea of having less junk and working less to pay for things you don’t need is very appealing to me. The catch with a very small space is that it can be hard to get the living space you need out of it.

MIT Media Lab has teamed up with product designer Yves Behar and research scientist Hasier Larrea from MIT to create a slick modular, robotic furniture system called Ori.


The Ori name comes from the word Origami and the crux of the design is a modular furniture system that can be moved using an app on your smartphone or a control on the wall. It can move around the room, and deploy a bed at night or a desk when you need to study or work.

Ori also looks very cool, but it seems like it would be a very expensive bit of furniture. I hear robotic furniture, MIT, and Swiss design and automatically assume we are talking a significant expense. The tiny house movement is all about reducing costs, so this seems a bit counterintuitive to that approach. Granted Ori isn’t available now and we have no indication of how much it might actually cost.

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