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Joerg Sprave’s Pokémon Pumpgun: for Real Life Pokémon GO Hunting

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Written by Conner Flynn | July 26, 2016

You catch Pokémon with your phone? Pfft! This guy catches them by shooting them with a pumpgun. By this guy, I mean Joerg Sprave, owner of The Slingshot Channel. He created an awesome Pokémon pumpgun for real life Pokémon hunting.


It shoots Pokéballs and even has a mount for his smart phone that he uses to aim. The gun is designed very well and does the job adequately. God bless you sir. We don’t need any more of these pocket monsters in the wild.

I hope you catch them all. If there’s anything left of them that is. Maybe dial down the explosion on those Pokéballs a bit.