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Riley the Robot Has Tank Treads, Speakers, and a Mic

 |  |  |  |  |  July 28, 2016

I like robots, and I like stuff that I can control remotely that will help me facilitate pranks on my unsuspecting family. I think Appbot Riley would be perfect for that. Sure, it’s meant as a security robot that can sense motion and alert you via an app on your device wherever you are in the world.


This tiny, self-docking robot has a HD camera that can record audio and video. Its mic and speaker will let you hear any bad guy in your house, then yell at him how you hope the cops tase his ass when they show up. Sounds useful, but what I really want this for is to cruise around my house sneaking up on people when I am bored and at work.



Being able to creep up behind my wife and scream “BOOOOOO!” from anywhere I can get a Wi-Fi signal is very appealing, and well worth the $229 price of admission.

[via iPatrol]