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Symgym Gives You a Workout While Playing Video Games

 |  |  |  August 1, 2016

Video games are our favorite pastime, but sitting around games all day will all but surely make you fat and unhealthy. What if I told you that you can get a complete workout while playing video games? That’s what SymGym does with an exercise machine that controls the video game.

You can pump your arms and your legs to move, turn, dodge, punch, and more. You have to work for that boss battle now! Yes, there are already exercise platforms for video games, like Kinect and Wii, but this is different.

SymGym provides variable resistance based on situations in a game. So, heavy objects in the game are heavy in the machine for instance. Running uphill in the game is physically harder on the player too. This gives you a more engaging gameplay experience, and makes you more fit. It seems like an interesting idea. Let’s hope it works as well as described.

At this point, SymGym isn’t targeting the home fitness market. Instead, they plan on opening gyms where you can work out on their machines at a cost of $15 per session. They hope to open their first location by the end of this year.

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