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Qixels 3D Maker Teaches Kids About 3D Printing

 |  |  |  |  August 3, 2016

In theory, 3D printing should be every kid’s favorite hobby, but things like working with molten plastic and complex CAD software generally keeps it out of their hands. However Qixels 3D Maker offers a way to teach kids the basic concept of 3D printing while keeping the process completely safe.

It was created by Moose Toys and is basically a manual 3D-printing device. Instead of using a CAD model, kids manually arrange each layer of plastic on the device, apply it to the existing build, and do the same thing over and over again until they have their creation. It uses no heat or electricity, making it safe for kids.

Qixels3D uses tiny plastic cubes that you arrange on a grid then press down onto the base. You now have one layer. You then create the next layer and the next. Since Qixels are designed to fuse together with water, your model becomes permanent as you layer them together.

Your child will hopefully grasp the layering approach behind 3D printing by using this maker. It seems like a fun way to make pixelated toys if nothing else. It is only $29.99(USD).

[via Cool Things]